About Yorb

Team Yorb

Extreme Team Building – A very happy Team Yorb on completing the Overland Track!!

Yorb is a boutique environmental consultancy that works on novel and challenging natural resource management (NRM) problems.

Our Managing Director and founder, Dr Nick Marsh, is an environmental engineer with a background in state government NRM agencies and research organisations (CSIRO, Griffith University, University of Melbourne). Nick has led many multidisciplinary projects (particularly in the water sector) and has a particular flair for applying current scientific practice to create practical natural resource management outcomes.

The Yorb team love to create digital solutions (software and web) as a vehicle for delivering science and innovation in a way that can be rapidly applied to real world problems. We are proud that our digital solutions are not just grunty data crunching tools. As well as being practical and rich in functionality, Yorb solutions are beautiful, with a strong focus on usability.

Complex and difficult natural resource management problems deserve the best possible team. So, we like to team up with Australia’s best scientists from the research, government and private consulting communities to provide the solutions our environment deserves.